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Her heart hammered against her ribs with the rapidity of a steel riveter. Her blood raced swiftly; a series of delicious thrills coursed through her tingling ...



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Then a low cry burst from her lips-- For there was no man beside her. The hiv positive dating gay coverlet had slipped to the floor, and her pulsating, passion-stirred body was being fanned by a ...



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She stood a moment, breathing deeply, then crept on bare feet to the door, opened it and peered into the hall.... I T must have been fate, or some magic of telepathic thought communication, that ...



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Somehow, man dating older women their groping hands met and clung; gay dating sites australia he drew her soft, yielding body into a tight embrace. "Let's make our dreams come true!" she whispered ...



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6 Spicy Detective Stories, September, 1936 best gay dating site europe High Treason By Alan Anderson Why should the girl put on a strip act in her hotel ...



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When he got through snapping his cookies, he dragged a canada gay dating sites chair to the window and sat there getting a puss full of California sea breezes. Suddenly a light flashed on in a room ...



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It's worth a five spot." The kid pedaled away, hell for leather. The qx gay dating cab hadn't turned off and was only two blocks ...



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A greasy-haired guy with best free gay dating websites 2014 close-set eyes was standing there. Framing another skirt?" Levi York's cheeks reddened. He'd been a New York City dick who'd specialized ...



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"Can't fool me, toots!" he declared and raised her veil before she had a chance to stop him. Her face dating nz gay was of surpassing beauty, but very Oriental with high cheek bones, almond, ...



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When the alluring Djara Copeland was served a fair sized lunch, he left. With a practised eye, he appraised the lock and with unerring accuracy selected the right key from a well filled ...



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It gave off a Spicy Detective Stories pleasant perfume. "Fifty bucks," he said to dating websites for gay guys himself rather thoughtfully. If he was dealing with a ring of criminals, they were a ...



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When she leaves, hop over to the hotel and if she's eating, phone me. She's a Eurasian--half Oriental, half white." "What did you find out!" "The dame's Leona ...


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